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What's HOT in LUST

Indulge in the crown jewels of LUST this season!

Whether you’re going to a casual dinner party or you are hosting an event, LUST will make you feel like a million dollars and stand out in a crowd.

Our accessories have been designed to offer a unique quality gift for both men and women. So if you’re planning on surprising a special one with LUST, you won't be disappointed!

The Story of LUST

The seamless fusion of pearls with inlaid diamonds makes LUST a range of jewellery unlike any other seen in the world.

As a pioneer in this jewellery technique and a world leader in the use of diamonds in pearls, Jill Hansen, the proud owner of LUST, creates some of the most exquisite pearl jewellery ever seen. With over 20 years in the pearl industry, Jill has done everything from seeding and culturing pearls to selling them at the top international pearl markets. Jill's jewels are worn by many a discerning pearl lover, from stars at the Oscars to homemakers with exceptional taste.

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